Transform Paper Documents into Digital Form

The Paper Company can transform paper documents into digital format using a MFD (Multi Function Device) or network attached scanners.

Convert wasted time in processing paper documents into more efficient productive work that will contribute to bottom-line and increase profitability.

Here are a few of the soultions The Paper Company can implement:



eCopy provides powerful document automation and text recognition capabilities that convert scanned documents into useable data that flows easily through business processes. Its key strength is the extensive range of 3rd party connectors which link directly into back-end systems, such as Document Management (DMS), Practice Management (PMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and facilitate effective document workflows.This enables users to scan directly into business processes, transforming time consuming tasks into simple, one touch buttons.



FineReader is an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) package designed to convert any scanned document into a usable text file, which can then be modified or simply stored as an editable file. With the best OCR performance in the market, it is ideal for all businesses looking to turn paper documents in to editable electronic formats quickly and efficiently.



TeleForm™ is an advanced forms processing application which enables customers to convert paper based and electronic forms into digital data. It can also automatically capture required data from structured (e.g. credit card application form) and unstructured documents (e.g. a complaints letter or a handwritten document) so it can be saved to a Document Management System or utilised in business processes reducing the requirement of human intervention.



IRIS is an advanced suite of capture tools that scans and extracts key information from documents to connect and integrate with your back office in real time. Essentially, it works to automate manual data entry and processing within your Customer’s business. IRIS can benefit core business functions such as finance, legal, IT and any highly manual or complex processing environment.



Therefore Therefore is designed to search, manage, and control multiple types of information effi- ciently. With information available in many different formats, Therefore is designed to ac- commodate various sources of information, meaning that paper documents, electronic files, bar codes, email, internet forms, & XML files are all easily stored and reference.

By applying customisable indexing and search capabilities, Therefore can be configured to suit any businesses requirements. By using mandatory indexing, customers can ensure that their data is easily retrieved on-demand using key criteria. With these indexes you can search for data via a variety of methods including wildcard, hierarchical, full text, drop down, and local/global searches.

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