Document Destruction

Document Destruction & Paper Recycling

The Paper Company offers both a document destruction and paper recycling services Australia wide. We help companies comply with the privacy act of 1988 by offering a tailored solution to your companies needs.

The Paper Company provides security locked containers that keep your confidential documents yours. A certificate of destruction is provided after each collection.

Services Include:

  • Secure Locked containers in your office
  • Regularly scheduled picks or on call services
  • One off clearances
  • Archive box destruction

Paper Company Total Destruction Process:


Stage 1

Is to cross –cut shred your sensitive documents into confetti size pieces.


Stage 2

Is to pulp and then recycle into cardboard or recycle paper providing a total destruction package.

Tips For Document Security Protection

Shred all

A simple and effective way to midigate your company risk by implementing the method used by Innovative and industry leading corporations is to have all unneeded documents shredded.

Shred before recycling

Shred all confidential documents before recycling – don’t let them sit in unlocked recycling bins or to be transported in an open back recycling truck to an unsecured plant.

Create a culture of security

Train all employees in information security best practices policies to reduce human error.

Human error is one of the top reasons that confidential information ends up in the wrong hands

  • Amount of time, a mistake handling a sensitive document results in information privacy being breached 40%
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