What type of material do you shred?

At The Paper Company we can shred just about anything, paper is the most common product that we shred. The Paper Company uses the crosscut shredding technology that reduces the paper to fine, confetti-like pieces. There’s no way the paper we shred can ever be reconstructed again, as it is immediately combined with other shredded documents.

Our technology can destroy other materials like electronics, metals, fabric and plastics. Yes, we cater the full range of E-Waste products such as CD’s, hard drives, videotapes, DVD’s. If you have any questions about the material you would like to shred, please contact The Paper Company.

What happens to the paper after it has been shredded?

After the paper has been securely shredded, the paper is baled in one-tonne bales and then shipped to various paper mills, pulped then recycled into cardboard or recycled paper.

Do I receive a Certificate of Destruction?

The Paper Company provides a certificate of destruction after each collection.

On our E-Waste service you can provide the serial numbers of the products, which we collect and we will place them on the certificate of destruction for you.

Can I have a one off service?

Yes, The Paper Company provides one off services for Document Destruction, E- Waste collections or Paper Recycling and Archive clean out services.

I want to destroy boxes of archives. Do I need to sort through the boxes first?

No, The Paper Company will collect your archive boxes as they are. Once they arrive at our shredding facility, we will sort through the boxes to remove any ring binders, folders, bulldog clips and plastic sleeves before they are shredded and then pulped.

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